Cassie Kerr

La Crosse, WI

Bio: Cassie Kerr received her master’s degree in nutrition at the University of Illinois at Chicago where she focused on translating science and research into sound advice. She strongly believes that food is medicine and is passionate about using wellness to positively change lives. When Cassie is not making homemade Mayan ice cream or modifying recipes to include venison, she enjoys participating in crazy physical challenges like marathons and Tough Mudders.

Courtney Reynolds

Chicago, IL

Bio: Courtney recently graduated from University of Illinois at Chicago with her Master’s degree in nutrition and dietetics. She hails from the Hoosier state where she studied microbiology and thought she would become a scientist. As fate would have it, she was shipped off to the middle east with the Army for a year where she had a lot of time to reflect on her life path. She thought to herself, ‘hey I like food,’ and it was here that a budding dietitian was born. She is excited to start her career as a dietitian and to help people find a balance between what is considered healthy and what makes them happy.

Courtney enjoys trying out new recipes on friends/family and dreams of one day taking a cooking class in Italy. Although a 100% omnivore, she likes making vegetarian meals because a) vegetables are delicious, b) trying to save the environment, and c) as a great way to save money (remember, she just finished grad school). Her favorite smells include: limes, sauteing garlic and onion, basil, freshly baked bread, and a piping hot slice of pizza.

Allison Pigatto

Chicago, IL

Bio: Allison received her masters degree in nutrition and dietetics from the University of Illinois at Chicago and currently works as a clinical dietitian. Although she does not consider herself a ‘foodie’, Allison loves exploring the complex and intricate way that food shapes our lives. She also enjoys cooking, eating and writing about the stuff. When she is not working as a dietitian, you can find Allison coordinating her book club and editing sci-fi novels.


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