Fantasy Fruitball

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It has been said “You’re not American if you don’t do Fantasy Football”. This time of year embraces that statement as many are listening to podcasts, searching the web for current fantasy hype, completing mock drafts, and getting together with friends to build the best football team possible.

fruit stadium

What if people put the same passion into selecting their fruit this fall season? Or better yet, use this selection of fruit to incorporate into tailgating snack choices to stay healthy this fall? Of course, just like fantasy, there would be your top draft picks such as super foods like lemon and blackberries. Then moving up on average draft picks you might find other berries, grapes, cherries, bananas, and some higher sugar fruits like pineapple.


Don’t forget about the breakouts and sleepers. Dragonfruit, rhubarb, and heirloom apples were trending fruit last year and will likely continue to be popular and relevant this year. The sleepers might include hardy currants and lingonberries. Many might not realize their benefits but these fruits really pack an antioxidant punch!


When selecting your winning team, keep in mind you will need variety. You may want to select fruits from different teams (or families) and a variety of colors. For example, it may not be in your best interest to eat only apples and pears. You are missing out on certain antioxidant properties from the family of dark berries and some other vitamins and minerals you might find in orange fruits like mango or papaya.


It is important to plan ahead if you want to make eating well a priority in your life. Set your winning line up each week with your starters, but make sure you have a strong bench, too. If the starters aren’t working for you, mix it up a little with players on your bench. Always keep a core assortment of fresh fruits in your fridge, but don’t forget to pull the frozen berries from your freezer to blend in a refreshing smoothie for a new twist to your week!


My fantasy team will keep me on my toes watching the NFL players, but I know I’ll get just as excited at the grocery store setting my fruitball line-up each week this fall:


Starters (8)

Blueberry         Strawberry

Peach                Honeycrisp apple

Rhubarb           Pear

Craisin              Mango

Defense (1)


Bench (6)

Banana             Orange

Plum                 Cherry

Kiwi                  Pineapple


What does your Fantasy Fruitball team look like this fall? Share your team below!



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